SVN error “inconsistent line ending style” nightmare solved! Download app…

Screenshot ThumbYes, you have arrived on the right place to forget about the "inconsistent line ending SVN commit nightmare"...
Working with large assets of text files, such as Flash xfl open format, it can happen that SVN operations fail due to "inconsistent line ending style". I made this neat AIR app that converts UNIX line end to DOS, simplifying svn. It grabs a folder, and navigates all sub-folders looking for text files.

It works on both Windows and Mac.
Download the air APP

It stores in a local cookie the folder, so on re-launch the folder is still selected.
You can specify the file extensions to parse.

It converts UNIX style EOL (Unix or Mac: "\n") to DOS style EOL ("\r\n").

It is not optimized for extremely large files, so do not try it on the phone book :)
It only works one way: UNIX>DOS

don't forget to back up your files before...

I hope this can help you.


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