I have been incredibly busy building applications for international clients, so I didn't have much time to update this page. Please download my CV for an updated situation.


2011-2013, On-line Casino for Desktop, iOS and Android

I recently completed a huge on-line Casino for one of the biggest players in Europe. During 2.5 years, I designed the whole system, lead a technical team of 10, and developed myself client side and server game logic for a real-time, multi-language poker and roulette. One set of code to produce the game client on 3 different platforms: Browser, Android and iOS. Shared libraries, shared configurations. Thanks to Adobe AIR and a robust architecture, a small team could do all client side instead of 3 large teams. Being still on NDA I can't disclose the name


Digital Sitting

Complex app to design stages and seats for fashion events, and manage seats, relations and invitations. (please forgive my horrible voice-over)


Poken Contacts Timeline

An extremely engineered timenline to navigate contacts "poked" with the Poken device, and access their updated posts and contacts. (forgive my horrible voice-over)


Casino games for Casino di Campione

A series of online casino games...


A few projects developed before 2008...

Hardcore ActionScript 3: JibJab - Starring You.


I had the privilege of engineering the first release of Starring You. Super-creative team at JibJab conceptualized a UGC cartoon system to use your own heads on talking characters. The user can upload a library of images and cut from them a series of heads, with jaw selection in order to allow speech motion, to use in JibJab funny movies. Since I am usually called for impossible missions, my task was to produce the HeadCut Tool.
Read explanatory post with screenshots and description, and create your own movies!


My Open Care

PippoFlash Portfolio

I managed AS programming and planning for the H-Book social network application www.myopencare.com. Media can be navigated, visualized, ordered and learning paths can be created and setup with this application. It handles mixed medias and provides a rich complex user interface to build and browse knowledge. Have a look at some screenshots...


Rome Fiction Festival 2007

RFF Logo.

Head of Internet for 2007 edition of TV Series International Festival. After long time far from Italy, its been sweet to spend a few months in Rome. I have been leading the whole internet, but I kept for myself the pleasure of developing flash applets for the site.


Donald Hyams Gallery - Technology beyond style


Donald Hyams is a great artist and film maker I had the priviledge to work with. During the wonderful month spent in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I built for him a system where usability is at its best, keeping simplicity and visual style. Browse Donald's artworks to enjoy his refined art, and the organic scroll of galleries and zoomed artworks details.


Onsite Direct Global - Worldwide real estate investment and management


For the Australia based company PixlArt, I leaded the client side development of a huge RIA to manage on-line real estate investments.
Within the same RIA, it is possible to browse properties, manage users and place investments through an integrated e-commerce system. Furthermore, admin users can update data, upload files and perform all administrative tasks within the same interface. The project lasted 8 months hard work for its version 1.
Screenshots and description.

In 2010 the ODG project has been discontinued, but still it has been one of the most challenging projects I worked on.


2006 World Cup Forecast Video Generator


For the 2006 World Cup, together with the italian AgiPro Meteo, I made this application using Flash & Zinc which grabs data from a Meteo server, exports a bitmap sequence, then compiles an AVI movie with the correct soundtrack, and transfers the movie via FTP on various italian TV networks. The application is running on a server and updates the meteo movie twice a day.


Flash Text Repository Search Engine


Being based in Rome, it happens sometimes to work for the Vatican. This project compiles an entire year of the weekly magazine "Il Cerchio", published by the Roman Cathoilc Church, and provides the user with a full featured search engine. All contents are stored in the CD as HXTML files. Flash loads all content and presents it to the user for browse or search. All features and graphics are externally loaded. For next year it will be as simple as updating the XHTML content repository with the new issues and the CD will be ready for print.


Real-time 3D positioning and Multi-user Chat in SmartFox Server


For version 2 of GoGoFrog I released an engine to manage multi-user environment. Relying on Smart Fox Server environment, I created a whole set of SWFs and server side scripts capable to manage complete multi user interaction. Real time motion of users is broadcasted in order to visualize position in an interactive 3D environment. Room chat, private chat, multi-user private chat, avatar positioning management, etc. The API is powerful and well documented.


Flash CAD - Room Designer


The Room Designer is a 60 Kb CAD application, with a real time 3D engine, to design and furnish conference rooms. This is an on-going project, but a working demo (create and resize room widths and height, apply wall elements) is available. The application is multi-language, and all design and architectural elements are defined in external XML files.

Launch the Demo


BONSAI - Flash Content Management System


Within ForteYang I developed a stand-alone content management system in Flash, capable to convert 50 image formats, create jpegs, create and manage content, and synchronize local files with server content via FTP.


Before 2004...

Running an international Digital Agency in Italy since 1994, I coordinated uncountable projects in several technologies. Please take a look at Forteyang Portfolio.

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