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SmoothMover is a Static Actionscript Class designed to perform easily and quickly smooth, tweened organic motion of any property of a MovieClip.
Very simple to use and much easier than Macromedia Tween Class, yet so powerful, can manage listeners, friction, and affect any kind of properties.

You may enjoy better coding using a reliable broadband connection.

download SmoothMover Class (detailed instructions in Class file)

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve smooth animation effects using SmoothMover.

Example of smooth motion with SmoothMover

In this example movie a random final position value is given to the selected properties. Push the "Move!" Button to activate the SmoothMover.

download source code (fla & ActionScript)

Example of simple flash game with SmoothMover

Here, with just a few lines of code, SmoothMover is used to affect position and size of the laser beams, as well as size and alpha of explosions. Using SmoothMover in this way, the whole movie is less than 3Kb.

download source code (fla & ActionScript)

How to use SmoothMover

SmoothMover is less than 1Kb, and to perform a smooth motion in the X axis, is as simple as tytping:

import PippoFlash.SmoothMover;
SmoothMover.slide(myClip, {speed:6,props:["_x"],endPos:[100]});

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve smooth animation effects using SmoothMover.


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